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The First Snow by RiJayden The First Snow by RiJayden
Night had fallen on the Ruby Towers Academy of Flamaric Arts. Flamari are known as 'Children of the Flame', and as such, avoided the cold and snow during winter. Lorelei, being a Shadow Mage, and an Ice Element, always wanted to see the first snow of the season. Every night in December, she would sneak out of her room to see if it had snowed yet. Two weeks after doing this, and she was tired and ready to give up. As she walked past a curtained balcony, she heard someone say "psst!"
She turned around to see Anubis, standing in front of the curtain.
"Wanna go outside?", he asked.
Lorelei looked puzzled, but nodded. Anubis led her out onto the balcony. The grounds were bare. No snow.
"Why-" Lorelei started.
"I'm not Flamari either," he said. "I never went through a Flaming ceremony, and I hated Flamari too much to do it later in life."
"Well," said Lorelei, "you can watch the snow with me. I've always wanted you to."
Anubis looked out over the landscape and pulled out a watch.
"You can't just determine when it's going to snow, Anu," said Lorelei, laughing, "It doesn't work that way."
Anubis ignored her. In the distance, bells chimed out.
"Midnight" said Lorelei.
"look up" said Anubis.
At first, they saw nothing. Then, as if he summoned them, tiny white flecks began to fall.
"Oh!-" Lorelei gasped.
More and more fell, coating the ground, the frozen lake, and the trees. Lorelei began to laugh. Anubis looked at her.
"I'm glad you like it," he said.
Lorelei smiled. A genuine smile that rarely graced her face. She grabbed his hand, and they watched the snow fall.
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November 9, 2012
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